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Local Businesses | Agencies | Freelancers | Individuals| Business Owners

NFC Tech Agency App Creates Contactless Digital Business Cards, generates leads, collects payments, gets followers, collects reviews, and so much more with JUST A TAP

Set up the FIRST NFC tech Agency &
help Businesses grow in never seen before ways!

$97 per month

Get JusTap for just $37 one-time payment

First-to-Market Local Business NFC Tech app

Uses a stellar technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) used in Contactless payments using credit, debit cards. The same Tech can be conveniently used for growing any business using JusTap.

Grow your Network in just a Tap

From getting people to save you as a contact on their phone to making them send you a message, whatsapp, Skype, Email or even give you a ring, everything is possible with JusTap

Sell any product or Service, collect Payments & manage sales

With just a Tap get people to view your service or product, collect payments via PayPal, Stripe and even manage all the sales using the sales dashboard.

Create QR Codes for your Campaigns

Easily Create QR Codes for Business Cards or any other campaigns that you create.

Create Contactless Digital Business Cards

Choose from a variety of Business Card Templates in various Local & Online Business Niches that helps Network the Smarter way, generates leads, sells products & services, effortlessly.

Capture Leads with just a Tap

Capture leads anytime anywhere all with just a Tap and add it to your AutoResponder

Run Campaigns for any Business Goal

Run Campaigns to get more followers on your social network, to get more app downloads, to get more appointment booking, to share a google map location, run offers and display coupons, collect feedback & rating and so much more with just a Tap

Agency Rights to sell NFC Tech Services

Full-blown Agency Dashboard to add clients, share campaigns, get inputs and run Business card campaigns or campaigns for ANY Business Goal & sell it for profits.

And so much more…

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time

Tap & Share Contact

Display a Profile Page

Lead Generation

Get more Followers

I recently had the pleasure of using JusTap and was blown away by the innovation and functionality of the platform. As an agency user, I was able to fully utilize the features and see the potential for anyone to easily start their own NFC business using JusTap's digital business cards.

The team at JusTap, led by Karthik, has truly created an amazing app that I highly recommend to anyone looking to streamline and enhance their sales process. The digital business cards are a genius touch that truly sets JusTap apart from other platforms. I am confident that JusTap will be a game-changer for you in 2023 and beyond.

Tim Verdouw

I love how this App is going to help Local Businesses in multiple ways. I could think of 1000 possibilities. Just put this tech on every table in a Restaurant to generate leads, view a menu or make people download the Restaurant or a delivery partner's mobile app, to collect feedback or rating - Everything is possible with just a Tap. No taking out the phone, pointing & scanning like QR Codes. It even removes that barrier. You could be an Agency offering this as a service for profits. Karthik & his team have made it all the more easy with a ton of different Local Business Templates so you will never have to worry about creating anything from scratch. Must-have if you are an Agency.

Abhi Dwivedi

Karthik is a technology geek and it is always exciting to try out his products. JusTap is no different. Knowingly or unknowingly we all have been using NFC tech every single day to make payments through our phones, credit cards by tapping. What Karthik has done with JusTap is just brilliant. From Contactless Digital Business Cards to even getting people to download your app, everything is possible with JusTap. The one who adapts early to a new technology always wins. Don’t miss this one!

Ben Murray

Let’s Understand NFC

Near Field Communication(NFC)

NFC is nothing but short range communication of up to 4 cms (Near field) for exchange of data!

This is the same technology that is used in credit & debit cards for contactless Transactions!

Why has this Technology gained momentum?

No need to establish a connection by pairing like in bluetooth

No need to even open or scan like a QR code

No wired connection

The simplicity of the technology
is mainly why it is gaining popularity..

Reduced Transaction Time / Data Exchange Time

Effortless communication between devices

Versatile use in different scenarios more than just payments

Easy to use as it needs just tapping to establish connection

Touchless makes it even more suitable for the after pandemic world

NFC can help you, your Business and
your client’s Business in multiple ways..

Shares Contactless Digital Business Card instantly anywhere anytime without needing to print 1000s of cards.

Generates leads for any business with just a Tap

Collects Review & Rating from your customers

Displays product information, features, offers, prices in physical stores

Helps lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Consultants, Chiropractors etc. book appointments

Helps any local Business display any detail like a demo video, house tour, images or anything else with just a tap.

Gets followers on any social media profile

Gets people to send you Text Message, whatsapp message, skype, email without having to type in your number or ID

Displays, sells products & collects payments for online stores

Displays offers in Restaurant, gyms, yoga studios or any physical store

Displays a restaurant menu or even display an Agency/ Freelancer service page

Gets people to download your app from play store or app store

Pet owners can use NFC tags in dog collar or to display their information in case pet goes missing

NFC tags can be used by hotels / Cafes / Bars / public places / Airports to share wifi network and password

NFC tags can be used to open a google map location on Tap

NFC Tags can be used in healthcare to retrieve patient information with just a Tap

And so much more..

That’s just scratching the surface! Right now it is widely used only in
contactless payments via Credit, Debit card and a few other modes.

But this is changing.

NFC Technology is all set to Explode..

Here are some interesting facts..

NFC technology has started gaining momentum and its application in various fields and businesses is increasing every single day. Businesses are going to need NFC technology in their everyday operations and marketing.

This is the perfect time to jump in and provide a service that no one else is providing..

Digital Business card Market is set to hit $242.3 Mn by 2027

NFC technology market is set to hit $34.9 Bn by 2025

88% of physical Business cards that are shared are thrown away in less than 7 days

Global Contactless Payments market is set to quadruple in value by 2026

There are 2 Bn+ NFC enabled Smartphones in use which is almost 25% of the World’s population

77% of individuals & 63% of small business owners have not yet used a digital business card app

Taking advantage of NFC technology to create & sell contactless Digital Business Cards & to set it up for a variety of Applications in Local Businesses is the best thing to do NOW!

There cannot be a better time to do this…

How can you take advantage of the NFC Market?


The ONLY App you
need to take over the NFC Market

Grab your share from the steadily growing
NFC market starting today with JusTap!

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time

NFC Technology will be a
household name soon..

Get the First Mover’s Advantage with JusTap

I already told you that the NFC Market is all set to explode and gaining wide popularity especially with Digital Business Cards & its application in Local Businesses!

JusTap is fully equipped to help you grab your share from the NFC Market

Be it creating a Business card, setting up a Restaurant Menu or displaying information about a product - You can do it all with JusTap!

JusTap is loaded with a huge collection of pre-made templates that can be customized in minutes.

Here is all that you can do with JusTap..

Share Contact Cards / Digital Business Cards

Display products / showcase any page

Book Appointments

Generate Leads

Reveal offers

Open a google Map Location

Show products & Services

Get App downloads

Collect Review & Ratings

Initiate Conversations

Showcase Video

Collect Payments

Get followers

Increases engagement

And so much more..

The best part is all of these happens in
just a Tap with JusTap!

I have a little Story to Share..

Story of how & why JusTap was born..


Karthik Ramani - Your Favorite Product Creator & Internet Marketer this side…

If you know me and if you have been following my work over the years, you know how much of a Technology Geek I am. As a successful entrepreneur the way I grew was expanding my network and making connections.

I used to attend a lot of events and that’s how I made some amazing friends & entered amazing partnerships. But when you meet at these events, you have to exchange your contact information so you can stay connected. Whenever I traveled out of my country, I used to print out fancy business cards that I could give away to people that I meet. But I faced a major problem..

  • 😲 Bulgy pockets with a bunch of cards
  • 🤥 I saw my cards being left behind on the table at restaurants & pubs
  • 😴 I got too many cards back in exchange & no way to sort
  • 😵‍💫 Eventually 80-90% of these cards never serve the purpose
  • 🤔 I’d even forget who I wanted to really contact

There had to be a better way to sort this issue, make meetings more impactful & memorable.
If just 10% of the connections I made gave me immense growth, what would 20% or even 50% would do to me & my Business?

The technology geek inside me got Triggered and I got to work. If we could make payments with NFC tech then we should be able to share business cards too. I saw that some companies were doing this but definitely not at an affordable pricing and their applications were limited to just contactless Digital Business Cards.

Before leaving for an event to the US, this time I made an app, created my profile and wrote it to a custom designed NFC tag.

I went to multiple events, met a lot of Amazing People and this time I just had to Tap my Card on people’s phone and they saved me as a contact immediately. They were mind blown. I am sure they will never forget me as the guy who introduced a smart contactless Business card.

I also handed over custom made cards to other people I met so they could network the smarter way.

Guess What?

Everyone absolutely loved the simplicity of this tech..

The best part is it can be used to send a pre-filled text message.

Say I met Ron at the event. On tap, JusTap can Trigger opening his Text messages / Whatsapp / Email with a pre-filled message that I can receive.

Now - Ron has my contact and I have his contact too. Win-Win!

What initially started only as an alternative to Physical Business Cards blew up into a full-fledged Agency App with a ton of Applications for Local Businesses!

Initiate Text Conversation

Collect Review and Rating

Pet Information

View Restaurant Menu

Here is why you will
fall in love with JusTap

First-to-Market Technology

New way to establish long standing connections

New & efficient way to generate leads

Easily showcase products & services

Collect Payments effortlessly

Easily get more download on your Apps

Easily get people to follow you on multiple social networks

Educates customers about products in a better way

Increases your Brand Image

Gains Trust

Give a competitive edge

Increases sales

Secure mode of data transfer

All it takes is 4 Easy Steps to
create NFC Campaigns with JusTap

Create a card by choosing a Business Card or Local Niche template. Or, you can even design one from scratch.

Customize the blocks however you want. You can even add or remove any blocks and give your details or clients details.

Now, click Publish as a contact card, a URL or even set it up to send text message, WhatsApp, Email, or Call.

Copy the published URL, and write it to the NFC tag in a snap using any free NFC writing apps.

Once this is done, you can use your NFC tag, tap your way to profits.

Grab your share from the
steadily growing NFC market starting today with JusTap!

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time

Take a Look at some of the Gorgeous Templates that we have inside JusTap

Business Card Templates
Local Business Templates

Appointment Booking

Reveal Coupon Code

Display Product information

Initiate whatsapp conversation

Love JusTap! Got an opportunity to test it out and it is an amazing technology. I already got a bunch of ideas as to how I’ll use JusTap in my upcoming mega event where I’ll be hosting 5000+ people. I am going to set up these tags at multiple places in the event Venue to display Event schedule & other important information. I can even use this to help people check in to the event venue without much of a hassle. I should probably give them all a NFC wristband or a sticker with my branding and an editable profile link. Their Digital Business Card will be ready in a jiffy. Participants just need to use this tag, tap and make connections throughout the event. Regular business cards will just be a waste of resources. NFC technology in events is going to be game-changing! Can’t wait to use this for my Business. All I want to say is - Do not miss this opportunity.

Saurabh Bhatnagar

When I met Karthik last month at the event, he demonstrated the capabilities of JusTap. Local Businesses definitely need this tech. Imagine, putting this tag at the billing counter and asking people to opt-in to get an additional 5% discount would be a no-brainer.

It doesn’t even have to be an opt-in. You can even set it up to send a whatsapp with pre-filled text. When the customer taps his/her phone, it prompts to open their whatsapp with a message - “ Hey, I am at your store and would love to avail the extra 5% discount”

Boom - Once they hit send, this person comes into your Whatsapp Marketing funnel.
You can send promotional offers, coupons, product launch info and so much more!

Kudos to Karthik & his Team for bringing this out and I am sure Local Businesses are going to love this!

Vivek Gour

Check out the Demo of JusTap

& see how you can create Business Cards or
Local Business Campaigns in minutes

How can you profit from JusTap?

Approach any Business who is not using NFC tech (most businesses aren’t using) or even if they are using already show them the right way to use it to increase leads, engagement and sales.

Set up Business Card, Lead generation, review collecting, payment collecting, appointment booking or any campaign as per the need of the Business by modifying any existing template inside JusTap.

Collect a one-time fee and a monthly retainer to maintain the service. You can collect $200-$1000 per customer depending on the purpose of the campaign

Here are the Major Feature
Highlights of JusTap

1. Organize your NFC campaigns under Workspace

Inside JusTap, you can create multiple Workspaces to organize your campaigns for different clients. Each of these workspaces can be separately connected to payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe & Razorpay and these can be cName mapped to a custom domain. Lead Generation can also be done easily when organized inside a workspace to send the leads to the desired Autoresponder.

2. Create Contactless Digital Business Cards

Create Contactless Digital Business Cards which can be modified any time and shared multiple times. Even after writing the Campaign to the card this can be modified. In just a Tap on a NFC enabled smartphone , these Business cards can be shared as a contact card or even as a profile page with the person Tapping.

3. Create Local Business Campaigns

You can create NFC campaigns for various purposes for Local Businesses including collecting reviews, displaying FAQ of a product on Tap, displaying product information, offer, coupons on Tap, campaigns to book appointments, campaigns to help businesses get more app downloads and so on.

4. Add multiple blocks inside your Campaigns

You can add multiple blocks inside your Campaign page with just a click and customize it with your information. You can also organize various blocks under sections.

Here are some Major Blocks that you can add to your campaigns

Add Profile Image

Add a Banner

Add Logo Branding

Add Phone Number

Add Email ID

Add Contact Details

Add Website

Add social media profile pages

Add 1-click Whatsapp number

Add 1-click call

Add image Gallery

Add Video Gallery

Add Podcast

Customer Feedback Collection

Customer Rating Collection

Display Coupon code on optin

Book Appointments

Add Customer Testimonials

Add Optin form

Add FAQ Section to answer customer queries

Add products / Services

Add payment options

Inputs for Client campaigns can even be received through Get client info link that can be shared with clients and they can input the information needed for the blocks added to their campaign.

5. Multiple Campaign Publish Options

JusTap has numerous publish campaign options making it suitable for both Business cards and for local & small businesses.

  • Published as contact cards that will trigger opening the phonebook and save contact option.
  • Display the campaign page created inside JusTap or any URL
  • Open a Google Map Location on Tap
  • Initiate a phone call
  • Initiate an SMS with prefilled Text
  • Initiate a Whatsapp Conversation with prefilled text
  • Initiate messenger conversation
  • Initiate Telegram Chat
  • Initiate Skype Conversation
  • Initiate a Discord connection
  • Initiate downloading an app from Play Store or App Store

The best part is the campaigns can be updated multiple times and in a snap you can change what needs to happen on Tap.

6. Ability to capture leads

One of the important features of JusTap is its ability to generate leads with just a Tap. You can easily integrate your Autoresponder and collect leads effortlessly wherever you want. You can do this for multiple clients by integrating their respective AutoResponders on their dedicated workspace. You can even send out Automated Email Notifications when there is a sign up through your Campaign.

7. Ability to Publish Campaigns as QR codes

We want you to have one less thing to worry about. In the worst case scenario if you think your prospect may not have an NFC enabled phone, you can even get a QR code for your Campaigns right from inside JusTap. Most Smartphones already have NFC. But we have provided this QR code campaign facility as a backup in case you do not want to use the NFC campaign for some specific reason.

You can display your Business Cards on scan, display your campaign URL or any URL on scan, send SMS, whatsapp, with prefilled text on scan. You can also initiate a phone call on scan

QR codes can also be used to redirect to a map location on scan, display a coupon code, to add a giveaway and so much more!

8. Business Card & Local Business Templates

We have a bunch of Templates for Business Cards in various Niches and even some Local Business Templates, so you can get started with your campaign right away..

Take a look at our gorgeous templates..

Business Card Templates
Local Business Campaigns
9. CName Mapping, SMTP,
Autoresponder Integrations, Retargeting Codes & Analytics

Workspaces can be cName mapped to a domain so the campaign URLs can point to your own domain. This is not mandatory. You can happily run your campaigns on JusTap itself without any domain or hosting.

We also have the provision to add your own SMTP and even integrate your favorite AutoResponders. You can also add Retargeting codes to your campaign and Retarget campaign visitors and increase your conversions.

We also have an Analytics section to give you inputs campaign Visitor count and a few other details.

10. Agency Technology to manage client campaigns

With the in-built Agency Technology you can create Client Accounts and you can assign workspace and campaigns to them. You can help your clients with creating Business Card Campaigns or Local Business Campaigns. Charge your clients $500 or even more per campaign and get a monthly recurring. You can even take a commission on each sale they get through your campaign. There is a separate sales dashboard to give you details about the sales stats.

Just the Agency Technology alone will help you double your investment in JusTap today with just 1 client.

You also got a Get client info feature which lets you share a wizard link with your clients to input their personal details that will get updated in the campaign effortlessly. Your clients can also change any detail anytime and anywhere using this get info wizard link. How cool is that?

There are a ton of more features in the app. We have just highlighted the major features to explain the capabilities of the app!

Grab your share from the
steadily growing NFC market starting today with JusTap!

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time

Wondering what kind of Campaigns you can sell to your clients?

Let me give some simple ideas..

Create Digital Business Card campaigns for Agencies, Service Providers, Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Life Coach or Individuals

Create Digital Business Cards for Enterprises. Approach organizations and provide Digital Business Cards for all the Employees.

Create NFC Campaigns for Restaurants to provide offers, discounts, get them on a Whatsapp Ordering Funnel, display the menu on Tap, get them to download an online ordering app or even collect feedback & Rating.

Set up NFC Tags in Grocery Stores and put it across the shelf with the note, Tap to know product details and offers. Each Shelf can have a tag and the offers and product details can be updated as and when needed.

Set up NFC Tag in Digital Stores to answer customer’s frequently asked questions.

Set up NFC Tag in Salons, Spas, Dental clinic, Chiropractor's place, Dance Classes, Yoga Studios to schedule the Next Appointment with just a Tap

Approach Pet Stores to add a NFC Tag to Dog Collars that they sell. This can be customized with Pet Owner information and when tapped can be used to contact the Pet Owner if the pet goes missing.

Approach event organizers to set up NFC Tags at the event venue to help with lead generation, payment collection, entry or to even just display the event related information.

Set up review & rating collection NFC Tags for physical events, restaurants, Cafes, Stores and so on..

Set up lead generation campaigns for any Business

Set up App downloading campaigns. For example you can set up an App downloading campaign at a restaurant for a delivery app like GrubHub. Put a tiny note about getting an additional discount if the customer downloads the Grub Hub App.

Engagement increasing campaigns to initiate Whatsapp Chat, Text Message, Email, Skype or even Discord

Follower increasing Campaigns can be set up in a mall to increase followers on any social media.

Create Campaigns for any Business to sell their products & services and even collect payments

There are 1000+ ways to use JusTap to help Businesses grow!

Are you getting the hang of it?

What difference will JusTap Make?

Never worry about losing a client you meet at an event or a customer walking into your store/showroom/office/place of business.

Get your contact information saved on your prospect’s phone instantly anywhere at any time.

Show them any information that you want to showcase with just a Tap

Do not worry about touching or exchanging anything. With just a Tap you can achieve anything from generating a lead to processing payments.

Create a great brand image in front of your audience by adapting to latest technology

100 Bn Business Cards are printed every year globally. By going digital and having an NFC digital card, you will save tonnes & tonnes of paper that will be produced by cutting down 10s of 1000s of Trees. You will preserve the environment and your brand can become eco-friendly.

Unlike Regular Business Cards you can share these unlimited times and you can control each time what gets triggered when the Tap happens and effortlessly update any info that you need which is not possible with physical Business cards.

Who can use JusTap??

Literally anyone can use JusTap.. Anyone who needs a better way to network, an efficient way to generate leads, showcase products, collect payments, increase sales can use JusTap..

Business Owners





Real Estate Agents

Coaching classes

Gym Owners

Yoga Studios

Day care Centers


Clothing Stores

Jewellery Shops



Pubs & Bars


Pet care Services

Grocery Stores


And the list goes on..

We are going to make it huge for your customers by giving them the Agency opportunity to open the first ever NFC Technology Agency to help individuals & businesses with Business Cards and so many other services using NFC technology & help them generate more leads & sales.

The best part is..

No coding skills needed

No design skills needed

No need to have prior knowledge about NFC technology

JusTap is perfectly suitable even for Newbies!

Grab your share from the
steadily growing NFC market starting today with JusTap!

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time

Take a look at these Service listings on Fiverr

You could be the one offering these services

Setting up Digital Business Cards , lead generation services, product selling, payment collection and so much more can be done and you can charge anywhere between $200-$1000 depending on all the services that you include.

Just 3-4 Clients per month and recurring fee for maintenance can set you up for a steady monthly income.

Right now, not many people are offering this service. Even if they do, they do not have an easy solution like JusTap to fulfill the service.

There is nothing else like JusTap

First-to-Market NFC App

Contactless Digital Business Cards

100s of Local Business uses

No monthly or Yearly Fee

No learning curve

Step by Step Training

Complete Searchable Knowledge Base

Done-For-You Templates

Extraordinary Support

Included Agency Rights

2023 is yours..

Use JusTap & NFC Technology to take the Leap

You may have failed in the past trying your hand at trying something new or even selling services. That’s because you weren’t fully equipped to tackle the challenges or you may not have had the right skills or you may have jumped in on the opportunity very late!

Right now NFC is booming..

Slowly Businesses are trying to adapt to this technology in their everyday operations and seeing a positive impact on their sales.

If you jump in now, you would be offering an unbeatable service that no one else is offering and you will be fully backed by JusTap for anything you need.

It's the one chance that people take that changes the game for them..

I believe JusTap is that one Chance you need to take to get a steady monthly & recurring income offering an incredibly easy & useful service to individuals and Businesses!

You have nothing to lose..

You are backed by an,

  • Awesome Product
  • Credible Product Creator
  • Proven to Work Technology
  • Incredible Support Team
  • Money back Guarantee

What are you waiting for?

Take the Leap & make JusTap yours!

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time

Share wifi credentials

Receive Payment

Open a google map location

Initiate facebook messenger chat

“….Karthik this blew me away!”

I got my JusTap NFC card and I have never had anything like this. I was at a networking event last night and I had 5 people ask me where they could get one.

We got to talking and I think will close 3 of them as agency clients just from showing them the card!

This is one of the coolest products that I have ever seen or used and every business needs them!

Chris Jenkins

Love the Agency play and all the Local Agency Features in JusTap.

If you are a marketing Agency, NFC cards will be an incredibly valuable tool for you & your clients. JusTap allows you to easily set up promotional campaigns, lead generation campaigns, Appointment booking campaigns, App downloading Campaigns and so much more. Everything happens in just a Tap. With all the insights & analytics that JusTap provides, you will be able to drive more revenue, increase customer loyalty, and increase profits!

I highly recommend JusTap for any business that wants to streamline their marketing, and deliver a top-notch customer experience.

Neil Napier

Want to see a Comparison with other NFC Apps?

See this & you’ll know that you are getting a Steal Deal

JusTap is like nothing else in the True sense..

While other apps charge you $36+ per year for just 1 Digital Business Card, with JusTap you unlock more than just Digital Business Card and a variety of other Local Business Applications.

Other NFC Apps

( Blinq, Scube,
Mobilocard and so on)

Digital Business Cards


Charged per card user Annually

CName Mapping

Full Control for the user & Editable Anytime

Partial Control & lot of dependency

Ability to sell Products & Services

Limited to a few apps

Ability to add multiple blocks

ONLY limited blocks and Limited information can be shared

Lead Generation with Autoresponder Integration

Not in all Apps

Unlimited Updates to Campaigns
Ability to Create Client Accounts

ONLY when you Upgrade

Local Business Applications
Local Business Templates
Call on Tap

Only in some Apps

SMS on Tap

Only in some Apps

Open Maps on Tap

Only in some Apps

Send Whatsapp Message on Tap

Only in some Apps

Send Message on Messenger on Tap

Only in some Apps

Send Skype Message on Tap

Only in some Apps

Open Play Store or App Store to Download App
Collect Review & Feedback
Collect Ratings
Add FAQ’s
Add Image Gallery & Video Gallery

Not in all Apps

Display Coupon Code
QR Code Option for older Smartphones

Not all Apps have

Done-For-You Templates

Most of the Apps cannot do more than half the things that is possible with JusTap!

Plus just a single Business Card for a year would cost you more than what you would have to pay for JusTap!

Make the Smarter Choice and pick a wholesome tool with all the needed features to take advantage of the growing & in-demand NFC Market!

Grab your share from the steadily growing
NFC market starting today with JusTap!

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time

Physical Business Cards will become obsolete

NFC Tech in Local Businesses will become a Mandate

Businesses will be forced to adopt NFC technology seeing their competitors and the convenience the technology offers.

What better way to adapt to NFC technology than using JusTap!

NFC technology is going to be a $34.9 Bn Market by 2025 and it is going to grow further!

JusTap is a complete solution to individuals, local Businesses, Agencies, freelancers or anyone looking to use NFC to their advantage.

Whether it is for your own Business or your client’s Business, if you want to grab a share of the NFC Market, you need to have JusTap!

Right now this is available for a super-low one-time price and the price will increase when the timer hits zero!

Go & press the buy now button to grab your copy of JusTap with all the launch special bonuses!

App Downloading

Call on tap

Retrieve patient health records

Limited time Fast Action Bonuses

Fast Action Bonus - #1

Invisible list Building Training Videos (Worth $497)

We’re going to show you how to build a powerful “Invisible List” inside of FB that you can run ads to over and over again, and some secret psychological patterns to create content that you can deploy to skyrocket your conversions!

Fast Action Bonus - #2

3 Week JusTap Success Training (Worth $997)

This is an exclusive training available only for the founding members of JusTap. At JusTap we are committed to your success and we will leave no stone unturned to fetch you massive results with JusTap! In this training we’ll hold you by the hand and help you to generate leads using JusTap.

Fast Action Bonus - #3

DFY Agency Logo ($397)

Professional Editable logos for Agency Business

Fast Action Bonus - #4

DFY Plug & play opt-ins in Hot Niches ($497)

Beautiful looking opt-ins that you can simply insert inside your pages using a copy & paste code.

Fast Action Bonus - #5

EverGreen Infographics + Brand Monetization ($597)

  • 70 + Fresh high quality infographics in hot Niches to use in JusTap
  • Fill-in-the blanks Marketing Templates that will come in handy especially when you work with clients.


  • Create 100 Workspace

  • Create 100 Digital Business Cards per Workspace

  • Create 100 Local Business Campaigns per Workspace

  • 25 Done-For-You Business Card Templates

  • 25 Done-For-You Local Business Templates

  • Agency Technology to Manage Client Accounts - 10 Client Accounts

  • Map Campaign to Own Domain or Subdomain using CName Mapping

  • Add multiple blocks to your campaigns
  • 100 Product & Services
  • Add Banner block
  • Add branding logo
  • Add description
  • Add phone number
  • Add Email ID
  • Add contact details
  • Add Website
  • Add social media profile pages
  • Add whatsapp number
  • Add Podcast
  • Add Image gallery (10 Nos)
  • Add Video gallery (10 Nos)
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Collect customer rating
  • Display coupon code
  • Book appointments
  • Add giveaways
  • Collect Testimonial
  • Add opt-in form
  • Add FAQs
  • Collect Payments

  • Generate up to 10,000 leads through your Campaigns

  • Send Automated Email Notifications when respondent signs up on Business Card

  • Add custom social media icon in your campaigns

  • Share Business Card unlimited times

  • Manage sales through sales dashboard for the products & services listed in your campaigns

  • Multiple NFC Publish Options
  • Open a google map location on Tap
  • Call a number on Tap
  • Send Email with pre-filled message on Tap
  • Send SMS with pre-filled message on Tap
  • Send a Whatsapp Message with pre-filled message on Tap
  • Send a message on FB messenger
  • Send a message on Telegram
  • Send a message on Skype
  • Connect on Discord in just a Tap
  • Get App Downloads from PlayStore & App Store on Tap

  • QR Code Technology
  • Create QR Codes for Business Cards
  • Add custom QR code for Business Cards
  • Redirect to any URL after QR code scanning
  • Send SMS with pre-filled Text on Scan
  • Initiate Phone call on QR code Scan
  • Initiate Whatsapp Chat with pre-filled text on QR code scan
  • Display Map location on QR Code scan
  • Display coupon code after QR code scan
  • Provide Giveaways on QR code scan

  • Add Retargeting Codes to your Campaigns

  • Get Complete Campaign Analytics like Visitor count & more

  • Integration with Major Autoresponders

  • Provision to add your own SMTP

  • Update Business Card unlimited times

  • Collect Client Info Wizard

  • Change What Happens on Tap anytime

  • Commercial & Agency Rights

Normal Price - $97/Month

Launch Special - One Time Price

Marketpresso AI - Justap Special

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Early adopters of any Technology are the most successful ones.

NFC is still Nascent when it comes to Digital Business Cards & Local Business Applications!

If you think about the Social Media Boom, the people who started posting when the app was just launched are the ones with millions of followers and the ones earning big time!

You decide your side..

From today there will be 10s of 1000s of people who will blow up their life with JusTap & NFC Technology!

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We want to deliver more value than what we have promised on this page!

If you do not see the value or derive the benefit, we would be more than happy to offer you a full refund. Our aim is to help you get better results with our App JusTap.

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Karthik Ramani


Q. Are NFC Tags easily available ? How much do they cost?

A. NFC tags are super low-cost and you can get a tag for just a few cents. The Tags are available in various forms and wearables. You can check the Tag that suits your purpose and order them on sites like Amazon.

Q. How to write to the NFC Tag?

A. Very simple. JusTap will give you an URL for your campaign. We recommend a couple of free NFC writing apps. Just paste the URL in these apps and bring your NFC tag closer to your phone and write it.

Q. Can NFC tags be reused?

A. Definitely! If you have used NFC Tag for a campaign and you no longer want to run that campaign, you can erase the writing using the free NFC writing App and Rewrite it with your New Campaign URL

Q. How is this advantageous over QR Codes?

A. Great Question.

◾️ QR Codes still need you to open your phone and scan for it to work. While NFC’s just need a tap making it operationally more efficient and faster.

◾️ Once you print out a QR Code, the same QR code cannot be reused. Whereas in NFC you can use the same NFC tag multiple times and keep rewriting.

Q. Can I know about the Upgrades?

A. Upgrade 1 - JusTap Professional - Unlocks more professional features, removes JusTap branding and even removes limits on Workspace, Business Cards & Local Business Campaigns. It also unlocks more templates and even physical business card design.

Upgrade 2 - JusTap Agency - This gives you access to manage unlimited clients, ability to add team members to manage work, ability to add custom branding to client dashboard and full blown marketing materials to run your NFC Agency.

Upgrade 3 - JusTap DFY Package - This unlock more Business Card Templates, More local Business Templates. You will also get fresh Templates every month for the next 12 months. You can also custom request templates with this upgrade.

Upgrade 4 - JusTap Whitelabel - This upgrade lets you whitelabel and sell licenses of
JusTap for 100% profits. You will also get all the sales materials needed to sell JusTap which you can rebrand and use.

Upgrade 5 - JusTap Instawrapper Special - This upgrade lets you create influencer style Videos with Top, bottom,left & right wrappers that can get you up to 500% more sales. You can also sell this service along with NFC Agency Services.

Q. Do you have a bundle deal?

A. Once you pick JusTap from this page, you will be presented with a fast-pass bundle deal that includes all the upgrades.

Q. What if a smartphone doesn’t have the facility to read NFC?

A. Most smartphones that come out now have NFC capabilities. There are 2 Bn+ NFC enabled Smartphones in use which is almost 25% of the World’s population.

In the rare case of smartphones not having NFC, you can use QR codes which can also be generated using JusTap

Q. Why is it better than other NFC apps ?

A. Most NFC apps are specific for Business Cards and you cannot use it multiple ways as mentioned in this page. Also they charge you per business card per month unlike JusTap’s one-time only fee.

Q. Is there any monthly fee?

A. You are in luck. We are running a limited-time only founding member’s launch and during this period, if you get JusTap, you will be able to secure it for the lowest possible one-time only price.

Q. Do you have a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes! We do have a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can claim a full refund within this period.

Q. I do not have a clue about NFC technology. Will this work for me?

A. You don’t need to have any prior experience with NFC technology. We have created this in such a way that even Newbies can create their NFC campaigns in minutes.

Q. I have specific questions? How can I get them answered?

A. Sure. Please write to us at [email protected]

Q. Do you have Tutorials?

A. Yes! We do have Tutorials and a fully searchable knowledge base that will hand hold you to creating your first campaign

Grab your share from the steadily growing
NFC market starting today with JusTap!

No Monthly Fees

NFC Agency Rights included for a Limited Time